Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just love it when Kalan is still and will lounge around with me for a while before taking off to conquer the world. Amaya took this pic of me and Kalan sitting on my couch watching cartoons :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Kai's first tball game. Hmmm....where to begin? This was one of those days that you think "someday we will look back and laugh....." but at the moment it is far from funny. I must take some blame myself because the night before I had agreed to let Kai sleep with Amaya in her room since it was the weekend. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT LET KAI SLEEP IN AMAYA'S ROOM....THEY DON'T GO TO SLEEP. So, around 10:00 pm I finally made Kai go get in his own bed. The next morning, not only did we have our first game, but team pictures as well. NOT a good idea for a group of 4 year old boys. They do not have that much of an attention span. They did really well at pictures, but then it was game time. Kai started off the game raring to go (see pic on right)....but soon melted (pic on left). Because the kids are young and this is through the Y...parents can stand in the outfield with the kids to help coach them alone. I wouldn't say Adam got a chance to coach him along anything during this game. Kai pretty much sat himself in the outfield and wanted nothing to do with any of it. I was mortified. Seriously. Mortified. We had been so pumped all week about our first game...Nana, Papa, Me, Daddy, Amaya & Kalan were all ready and excited...to watch Kai sit in the outfield. Boy, that was fun. Then, when I got scared that he was gonna get in the way, I put him in a chair beside me and listened to him cry through the rest of the game. Cry so hard he was making himself gag. WOW. If I never have that experience again in my whole entire life it will be too soon. By the time we left, mine and Adam's nerves were shot. We got home and Kai went to bed...and slept for 4 hours (he normally doesn't nap at all). OOPS....lesson learned on no sleepovers the night before a tball game!


Kalan thought it was HILARIOUS when he stuck his head into an empty cereal box! Know what is even funnier to a 2 year old? When I open the other end and take a picture of my sweet boy's giggling face ;)


Every morning when I open the front door for Amaya to get on her bus, this mama bird flies off of her little nest she has made on top of the light outside our garage. She is determined to throw me off the track so I won't notice her little nest. Well, too late for her, I did and I can't wait to see little baby birds peeping out of the top of it!


A little bit of Play Doh and painting on a rainy afternoon! Love my little creative kiddos!


I made this little frame for Kalan's one year picture. It matches his little room full of sailboats and nautical things :)


Kalan is just contagious. Everything about him. If he's sad, you're sad, if he's excited, you're excited...if he's giggling...everyone is giggling. He's learning he has a voice in this family...and even tries to assert some input sometimes...though he's usually overruled, he gets an "A" for effort, at least. He has learning to tattle, which Amaya proudly boasts he got from her, and sometimes abuses this ability just for attention. It is not uncommon to see him with his pouty eyes looking sad "What's the matter?" I say. "Kai hit me, make me sad," he replies. Ummmm....Kai is nowhere in site and Kalan needs attention is really what's going on. Oh brother...please tell me this is the worst thing he will ever try to pull to gain attention!


Kai is so many things in one. He is relentless in his question asking (sometimes I wonder if I have gone deaf if he stops talking), he is sensitive (see post on first tball game), he is imaginitive in his dragon flying and pirate fighting abilites, and he is a miracle (how many kids do you know that only have 1/2 of a heart?). Oh Kai...you wear me out daily...and there are times I am just not sure if either of us will make it through these tough preschool years. Right when I feel like I want to run away, you give me this grin and tell me you love me and wrap you little arms around me. I wouldn't trade you for the world (even if I consider it). I love you more than words could ever describe.


My Dad built this toy organizer (it has baskets for toys that fit into it) when Amaya turned 1. It has been PERFECT for what we use it for. I took it and fancied it up a bit too to match her room:)


I have been wanting to start painting and selling kids furniture for a while now and so I decided to take a practice run on Amaya's room. It took a bit more time than I planned, but I am grateful for the practice and thrilled with the results! I took some patterns off of her comforter and painted them onto her little wooden table and chairs. It turned out bright and playful and hopefully she will continue to enjoy it for years to come! If you are interested at all in me painting anything for you...just email me at lindsaydp2005@hotmail.com :)


I'm just a girl from a small town in central Texas...just north of Austin. Who would've thought that quite a few girlies from my high school would end up living so close to me 12 years later?! I had a reunion dinner with some old friends and had a great time catching up!! Thanks girls for such a fun evening..and Jennie, hope you had a happy birthday!